ABC's for Kids and Adults

Why the ABC's?

As a parent and Art educator, I'm drawn to the way we learn to read. The ABC's were always on display above the chalkboard when I was in school. Now, they're in plain view, across the width of my studio room, with a print of Erte's alphabets, as their source.

What a gift, those 26 symbols of language! How happy it makes me feel, to hear them in song, or see them in a variety of type. I'm overjoyed when I see someone, child or adult, make that first connection between an alphabet and an image that begins with that letter. It reminds me of the time I spent, either learning the alphabets myself, or teaching them to my own children.

Using chubby pencils that smudged, we wrote aaaaabbbbbcccccddddd on lined paper. We also cut out of magazines and newspapers, images that fit the alphabet being studied.

These memories inspired me to do a picture book, illustrating the ABC's with my own photographs. I'm especially fond of intense color, as my photos will attest. Alphabets and color! WOW! What a great combination!

May this book delight and surprise you with my choice for each letter of the alphabet.