About the Author Liz Mack

As a photographer living in the age of image making tools, like the iPhone, the iPad, and more sophisticated digital cameras, I've been given the opportunity to use whatever equipment I want, whenever I feel the need to document my world. It's not the gadget that makes the photograph, it's the mindset of the artist.

Having long ago gone through the rigors of darkroom processing, with the joy of an "AHA!" moment, whenever an image became visible in the developer, I now have the same feeling when I observe the transformation of an image manipulated in Photoshop.

Photography has always been my mainstay in the Art world. As a former teacher of Photography, Animation, and Filmmaking, I gravitate towards an app that allows me to express myself, using some of the processes to which I've been accustomed, like animation. This is why my ebooks always include short animations.

I have a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography from Cranbrook Academy of Art, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, where I learned to disregard any sense of boundaries, photographically speaking. I think my images will attest to that.