ABC's for Kids and Adults

Focus on the Alphabet

The alphabet is the foundation on which this Art/Photography ebook is based. Actively participating in the changes that each page brings, may enhance and promote reading skills, for readers from 3 to 103 years old.

It may also be enjoyed for its artistic variety of photo images, since these are actual subjects, not sketches, paintings, drawings, or cartoons. They are not limited to a specific category, such as animals, vegetables, or some other genre, but are meant to surprise and delight the viewer, with every turning of the page.

Each of the 228 images is accompanied by the spoken word identifying it. These interactive pages have audio buttons, that the reader may use, to hear the written words pronounced.

Besides being beneficial to someone learning to read English, this ABC ebook may also be an enjoyable learning tool for students of English as a Second Language; students with special needs; as well as for those needing occupational therapy, after experiencing an accident, stroke, etc.